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I have been waiting for this product AND home business and so have you!

I want to offer you LOSE WEIGHT with VITAE! 

This is not a brand-new product! It has been around since 2015.

I am very excited about Vitae; a great tasting weight loss coffee, that has proven to be very successful!

Vitae weight loss coffee


There is no change in what people normally do; they simply enjoy a great tasting cup of Vitae: our Special Italian Dark Roast coffee in the morning and then experience your cravings diminish and fat loss accelerated by our proprietary formula.

Vitae Lean Java Bean

and Javita™ don't even compare to the 2nd generation, IMPROVED Vitae™ Weight-Loss Coffee; Lean Java Bean.



You can add it to ANY food and get all of the GREAT BENEFITS!

1. You can add it to a smoothie or any other health drink!
2. Add Vitae to hot chocolate - (good idea for Mormons)
3. Add to cold milk (coconut, almond, cashew or hemp milk, etc) sweeten with stevia, add ice in blender and enjoy
4. Add Vitae to vanilla or plain or coffee yogurt!
5. Try Vitae in instant or regular (plain) oatmeal!

If you DO like coffee; add it to the coffee you normally drink or ADD ICE for a refreshing ICE COFFEE.

Great and refreshing for the warm weather coming up!

Please call me, BEN TODAY
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BENEFITS: Vitae supplement and Health Facts

VITAE Weight-Loss Coffee is:

  1. The worlds first and only coffee that really works!
  2. Vitae dramatically curbs your appetite
  3. Gives you healthy energy all day
  4. Clinically proven and patented ingredients 
  5. Weight loss results that you can see
  6. Helps with mental focus and clarity
  7. Vitae helps to balance blood sugar
  8. NON GMO Gourmet coffee, pesticide free
  9. With VITAE, there are No jitters and No problem !!!
  10. The ingredients above are Clinically proven
  11. VITAE is Non GMO & gluten-free
  12. VITAE helps regulate blood sugar
  13. It offers Healthy energy & mental clarity
  14. VITAE is chock full of Antioxidants

Do you want a $12.00 SAMPLE PACK of our great tasting Special Italian Dark Roast coffee?

Try it in the morning and then experience your
cravings diminish and fat loss accelerated

by our proprietary formula.

Sales grew organically because people talked about how great it worked!

Vitae Box

Please reply with your address and we will be glad to
send you $12 in samples at NO CHARGE,
so that you can see how good the coffee tastes and
experience LESS CRAVINGS right away!



Greatest Tasting Weight Loss Coffee

Please reply to for your $12.00 in FREE SAMPLES!

CALL ME!  +1 828-683-8055  9am - 9pm ET

Text me at 828-450-6999 but we don't get cell service except when we go into town, just 3 days a week.


Testimonial: "Fran and I tried the coffee again today. We really believe it gave us a lot of energy!! Fran Can't wait for get our coffee!! And taste great also!! Is there any calls or webinars I should be on and do you have an idea when we could sign up? Thanks"


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Vitae weight loss coffee