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Are happiness and weight loss included in your goals for these next few months before bathing suite weather arrives? Do you want to make weight-loss really simple and easy?!

Ingtroducing Happy Coffee – what’s more simple than drinking a cup o’ Joe?

Most people love coffee and can’t function without it, so why not make it “smart” by adding nootropics, fat burners and metabolism boosters for the added benefits?

That’s exactly what Elevacity did when they created Elevate Brew Smart Coffee and Xanthomax D.O.S.E., a nootropic stack and people are raving about quick weight loss and an elevated mood!


It’s simple:  drink the coffee and watch the pounds drop off! 


Elevate Brew Smart Coffee – “Happy Coffee”

Elevate Brew is a dark-roasted, Columbian instant coffee infused with nutritional supplements (tons of anti-oxidants), fat burners and nootropics focusing on weight loss and cognitive functions.

You simply mix the coffee with hot water, and fix it how you would normally make your coffee.

You can also blend it with the coffee you currently drink, or add it in a shake or a smoothie. Even non-coffee lovers are enjoying this blend.

Watch the “What’s in Your Coffee” Video about Smart Coffee
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Whats in your  COFFEE VIDEO
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Benefits of Elevate Brew Smart Coffee

Elevate nootropics coffee

The Elevate Brew Smart Coffee contains an very effective combination of amino acids, choline and fat burners and includes L-Theanine, organic cocoa, chromium picolinate, and green tea to name a few of the stand out ingredients.


The D.O.S.E.
– Elevate Smart Coffee + Xanthomax

DOSE happiness bundle

The only way in the worlds to get ALL FOUR HORMONES of Happiness!

Let me explain “the D.O.S.E.” and how these two new products (Elevate Coffee and the Happy pill - an herbal pill) work synergistically for quick weight loss and an elevated, happy mood. 

Nootropics stimulate opiates and dopagenic responses in your brain (the feel good chemicals released when you hug a loved one for example) and they address weight management between your brain and your belly.

Harmonize the brain and the gut (often thought of as your “second brain”) and things happen!

Your cravings will cease, you won’t feel deprived, and your mood will be elevated, HAPPY, energized and content. 

Then the thermogenic components and appetite suppressants work to start changing your mine with fat melting off and inches coming down  fast! 

It’s simply a daily “D.O.S.E.” – one-half to one cup of the Elevate Brew plus one Xanthomax (an herbal pill) which is your happiness elevator.

What is Xanthomax?         HAPPINESS: Xanthomax DOSE- Oxytocin

Xanthomax is an herbal pill made from xanthohumol (extracted from the hops flower) and is up to 200 times more powerful than resveratrol.

You know…the stuff in red wine they say is good for us since it’s an anti-oxidant? You’d have to drink 40 liters of red wine to get the same benefits as you do from taking Xanthomax! Sounds fun, but no good for weight loss!

Evidence suggests that Xanthohumol functions not only as a remarkable anti-oxidant but also as a powerful metabolic agent.

They’ve combined Xanthohumol with tumeric in this blend for a good reason. Tumeric is believed to be one of the most powerful herbs known to man with many healing and disease fighting properties.

Tumeric has a rather strong flavor, and this is why they’ve made it into a  pill form and not blended into the coffee – that wouldn’t taste too good.

Benefits of Xanthomax

xanthomax AND xanthohumol

Recommendation + How to Buy Elevate Coffee Brew and Xanthomax

It’s been easy to find testimonials of people who are experiencing quick weight loss results from the D.O.S.E. combo, and feeling energized and happy the entire day.

Most people report that their appetite is completely non existent, and losing a lot of pounds in a short amount of time seems to be the common.

And with a price point won’t break the bank, it’s an easy decision if you want something brand new the market to try.

We recommend purchasing the D.O.S.E. Smart Coffee and XanthoMax together for $99
If you set up a MAP (monthly ship), the cost drops to
just $80.  

To purchase items separately, the Smart Coffee bag (individual servings) is $60, the Smart Coffee Tub $50, and Xanthomax is $65 (30 days supply).

To View and ORDER these great Products, Visit my Elevacity website paying attention to the three main items, in my opinion; 

Smart Coffee
tub or bag with individual servings - good for giving out samples 

(Happy Pill) and 

, to get you into the Keto zone FAST, BULLET-PROOF Coffee FAST and EASY!!

To JOIN as a distributor and Order, Visit my Elepreneur website

VIEW the dynamic PAY PLAN HERE! (PowerPoint) or watch the VIDEO HERE!

Shipping is sent Priority Mail and should be in your hands within about 5-7 days.  

Promoting Elevacity –

Do you love your smart coffee? Are you interested in promoting it to earn an additional income stream? 

It’s as easy as posting a picture of your cup of happy coffee and piquing interest on social media!

Visit and click “join” – Elevacity offers small promoter packs for only $249 which include 1 tub of coffee, 3 bags of coffee w/individual servings, and 2 bottles of Xanthomax, a book and Website & Business Tools!

Happy Laundh Pack just $249


What’s in your coffee?



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